Most people who have yet to grow accustomed to a calculator, likely know how to divide any two numbers to obtain the decimal quotient. However, rarely it seems that the algorithm is actually explained, which means that the procedure is most often memorized without a sense of intuition. The hope of this article will be to introduce the intuition, and to finally demystify the mysteries of division.

Algebraic Simple Notation

Say we want to calculate 3/2. We can setup our equation as such:

2*? = 3

That is two times an unknown number that should equal three. By solving what the unknown is, we solve what…

Omg you have a learning style tooo?

Dear people,

If you’re a teacher, or even a student, you’ve likely heard this a million times. Everyone learns differently! You have visual learners, kinesthetic learners, aural learners, and some reader and writer type learners. A student can even be a mix of all the above! Taste all the flavors, so much diversity! Aren’t they all so yummy? Oh and that’s just VARK, but there are like 70 different schemes out there! I’m getting excited!

Wait a minute… 70? I have to learn 70 different learning styles just to hold a class? Are you kidding me? …

I think it would be great if Medium could allow you, as the author, to make public notes, that way they can just appear on the side of the story.

They say the truth is blunt. That for every harsh word spoken regardless of the tears shed and the relationships sunk is an effort to better the world. How can we be capable of cooperation, if we are also capable of telling lies? In fact, the lies are so common, you would not notice them. The Tower of Babel did not give rise to different languages, that’s what they want you to think. God did not destroy the Tower, otherwise, it would not be our fault. But it is ours. The Tower of Babel collapsed because man could not bear…


And other introductory classes

Maybe if coding was taught in the 60s, this would’ve been an accurate depiction.

Like many fields of engineering, there are two aspects every programmer works with. There is the problem solving, which tests your knowledge and skills, and then there is the technical know-how, which tests your patience.

Many programmers enjoy difficult problems utilizing creative endeavors. They often take a considerable amount of time to solve, yet they go through it with sheer focus and joy. And when they’ve got it, they feel like absolute geniuses. They are engineers proud of their work. It puts a tear in my eye.

Many programmers also talk about how often they want to torch their computer…


And Why We Need Them

I highly recommend you as the reader to write the code shown here. Don’t copy and paste. Write everything word for word. You’re encouraged to experiment.

The idea behind classes should be intuitive, as they simply allow us to group related data together. However, to prove their usefulness through example, let me introduce to you a program. The program is simple. It adds points.

The code works fine, however, the issues that exist are not regarding the functionality of the code. Rather, it regards the scalability of the code. …

The debt collector was here. He stood outside the door, waiting and waiting. His shadow was engrained beneath him, and remained static, as it stood waiting.

He could not be seen, but his tales were apparent in the shadow cast. He wore a trenchcoat, with his hands deep in his pockets. His height could not be told, as his shadow stretched across the floor. It did not move. It was waiting.

His head tilted occasionally, but it was not out of impatience. He was talking to me; he knew I was listening. He did not need to utter a single…


A simple explanation of Recursion

Let’s look at a simple problem to understand the idea behind recursion. That is, calculating the nth Fibonacci number within the sequence. The mathematical definition of Fibonacci is as follows:

f(0) = 0
f(1) = 1
f(n) = f(n - 1) + f(n - 2)

The Fibonacci sequence is infinite, generating each number by adding the two directly preceding numbers. So, the first few elements, starting from 0, are: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… which can be rewritten as: 0, 1, (0 + 1), (1 + 1), (2 + 1), (3 + 2), (5 + 3)…


Tuesday and Monday are only 24 hours apart!

Blog cover

Wow, what a busy week! Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend much time developing the bot. However, that doesn’t mean nothing got done! Here’s the changelog:

  • Fixed some formatting and messages.
  • Dead players can no longer speak.
  • Doctor’s ability works.
  • Parties automatically end when everyone leaves.
  • The bot will now leave when the server is transferred.
  • More documentation was added, view them here.

Currently, the priorities are squashing bugs and adding documentation. Not an exciting week, but it’ll pay well when y’all can play it without having to worry about game stability.

Since the changelog isn’t enticing, let’s explore the format used…

See what’s upcoming!

Blog Cover

Welcome to MDF #2! This week is very exciting, as the bot has now reached a relatively stable build. This means that more visual and exciting stuff can start rolling up next week, as all the boring refactoring stuff has been tidied up.

I’m tired, and you must also be tired of waiting. Here’s the stuff upcoming next release, version 0.2.5:

  • Documentation
  • The Arsonist role
  • More customization options
  • A much more intuitive help command

Considering my current workload, it’s unlikely that all these features will be done by next week, which is why documenting the source will be the priority…

Amr Ojjeh

Hello! All “art” covers are made by me. Marvel at them!

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