Monday Development Facts #2

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Welcome to MDF #2! This week is very exciting, as the bot has now reached a relatively stable build. This means that more visual and exciting stuff can start rolling up next week, as all the boring refactoring stuff has been tidied up.

I’m tired, and you must also be tired of waiting. Here’s the stuff upcoming next release, version 0.2.5:

Considering my current workload, it’s unlikely that all these features will be done by next week, which is why documenting the source will be the priority of this week.

The Boring Parts

Building the documentation


As many of you may know, I’m a lone coder. Gaining more developers has always been a goal of mine, as I don’t plan to continue this project forever, and more developers mean I can focus on writing the more interesting parts of the project, such as role customization or a new parser engine.

Naturally, if I want more developers, my environment should be welcoming to newcomers and experts alike, and this is best done by documenting the source code. The repository for this is already up and running on Currently, only one package has been fully documented, and that is the package. It was mainly done to test the javadocs engine, and unexpectedly, it works wonderfully.

If you’re interested in working with me, then please don’t hesitate! My contact details will be listed below.

DDG bot refusing to help!


As this bot is planning for a release, it should be expected that many players will be using this bot for the first time without any outside help. This means that they’ll have to solely rely on the instructions provided by the bot and their own wits. There’ll be a large effort put in to make sure that people can easily start playing comfortably from the first or second game. Any more than that and I’d call it a low bar.

The Exciting Parts

It’s coming!

New Roles!

It’s about time! For the next release, only one new role will be introduced, and that is the Arsonist role, however, expect this to be one of the first of many. Other than Arsonist, there’ll be an entirely newly designed faction that will work great with large communities of 30 players or so. I cannot wait to see these features implemented, and I hope you are just as excited!

But when!

Customization Options

More customization options! Last time, many people didn’t seem to enjoy the required daybreak they had to take before they can jump into action and start voting and lynching. Lucky for all of you people, the Day feature will be made optional, with the default setting being off. I’ve decided that while many in my circle seem to dislike it, it could become very useful once players of up to 15 or 20 start playing.


Interested in helping along with development? Artist, coder, programmer, or a wanna be a guinea pig, all are welcome! Feel free to talk to me through either my discord or email. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you!

Discord: DinglyDo#5197


Hello! All “art” covers are made by me. Marvel at them!