Monday Development Facts #3

Tuesday and Monday are only 24 hours apart!

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Wow, what a busy week! Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend much time developing the bot. However, that doesn’t mean nothing got done! Here’s the changelog:

  • Fixed some formatting and messages.
  • Dead players can no longer speak.
  • Doctor’s ability works.
  • Parties automatically end when everyone leaves.
  • The bot will now leave when the server is transferred.
  • More documentation was added, view them here.

Currently, the priorities are squashing bugs and adding documentation. Not an exciting week, but it’ll pay well when y’all can play it without having to worry about game stability.

Since the changelog isn’t enticing, let’s explore the format used to develop game modes.

Besides the “special” games, most games are stored in the Games folder under the .game format. For instance, “” comes in the Games folder by default. Here’s what the contents look like:

Talking Graves : Figure out who the killer is by talking to the dead!4 Serial Killer 1, Medium 1, Civilian 1+, Lookout 18 Serial Killer 2, Medium 1, Civilian 3+, Lookout 2

The first line contains the name and description of the game mode, separated by the colon. The second and third lines describe the game mode depending on the base amount of players within the party.

So, in a game of 4 players or more, but less than 8 players, there would be one Serial Killer, one Medium, one Lookout, and at least one Civilian. In a game of 5 players, that would be two Civilians. However, in a game of 8 players, there are two Serial Killers and Lookouts instead of one.

A format such as this allows me to easily make test setups, however, it can be a bit cumbersome for the user, which is why this format is not currently being used within the Discord client itself (although, the format can be seen in the pg.configcommand).

As usual, if you have any suggestions for how you would want to be able to describe the perfect game mode within Discord, or even within the files located in the Games folder, you can message me at either:

Discord: DinglyDo#5197


Have fun!

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