New Things! New Stuff!

(originally published on October 28, 2020)

Yes, I’m aware. It’s been one month since I’ve posted a blog. However, I’ve got some good stuff coming up!

Discord Deception Games (DDG)

Been a long while since I’ve used that name, but it’s coming back. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on refactoring the bot, essentially making it usable again. It’s almost done, and progress is becoming visible!

Now you must be begging me, what’s coming up with this hot new bot? I’ve updated the Readme on the Github with a new Trello board link:

There you’ll see upcoming additions such as a new Arsonist role and LOTS of tweaks and options that would make the bot just that much better.

It would still be disappointing if I ended this blog only one project, so I’ll end by saying that there’s a second project being worked on in parallel :)

Alright, now time to sleep and spend the entire next day slogging through boring college paperwork (more like digitalwork).